Vario - Sliding Roof Systems

Rapid economic development and the associated expansion of the infrastructure lead to a constant rise in transport volumes. This enormous logistical challenge has primarily been met to date through creativity and the strong commitment of the people working in this industry. The further rise in demand for even greater transport capacity, the increasing quality of freight goods and the accompanying increasing demand for security, productivity and speed of freight transport lead to greater requirements.

Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technological leader for sliding roofs for trucks, offers the optimum roof system for transport vehicles with tarpaulin covers.

Edscha Trailer Systems stand for quality, flexibility and efficiency!

  • A high and rising volume of cargo leads to increasing demands on technology and logistics
  • The increased price and quality of cargo lead to increasing requirements
  • International logistics standards lead to new challenges in cargo transportation

Full tarpaulin roof system

Edscha TS full tarpaulin roof systems allow a fast and secure loading process as the cargo space can be opened up very quickly by sliding the full tarpaulin towards the bulkhead. Another advantage is the utilisation of the full cargo space while at the same time protecting the cargo. The drop sides in this version secure the cargo in combination with the Edscha TS full tarpaulins in an ideal manner, even in difficult road conditions and critical weather conditions.

  • Highly flexible system
  • Maximum usable cargo volume combined with optimised protection of the cargo
  • Fastest loading and unloading, even in one-man operation
Curtain Opening Procedure
Curtain Opening Procedure
Curtain Opening Procedure

Full tarpaulin roofs: easy loading from above

Heavy industries like the steel industry produce some goods like beams that are several metres long and coils that weigh several tonnes and these have special requirements for their transportation, loading and unloading relating to the safety, productivity and efficiency of the roof that is used.

Edscha TS full tarpaulin systems are the optimum solution for these requirements. They offer both safe transportation of the bulky goods and the possibility of easy loading with a crane from above. At the same time the full tarpaulin can be opened very quickly and therefore efficiently and economically by just one person.

  • Particularly easy loading and unloading with crane systems and with limited heights
  • Optimum loading of heavy goods with regard to speed, safety and efficiency

Curtain sider roof system

The Edscha TS Curtain sider is a further development of the closed structure. Side loading with a forklift is now possible, as for traditional drop side vehicles, which is a lot more efficient. Fast, almost complete opening of the sidewall means that bulky goods can be loaded very quickly. The roof can be opened independently, making it possible to load bulky goods easily from above.

  • Very effective forklift loading from the side
  • Cargo transportation, loading and unloading are fast, dry and safe
  • Easy loading also possible from above
Curtain Opening Procedure
Curtain Opening Procedure
Curtain Opening Procedure

Curtain sider roofs: individual and fast loading from the side

Fast and flexible supply with the required products, as in just-in-time production in the automotive industry, is very important to an increasing number of companies. This development greatly increases requirements placed on transport companies. Efficient loading and unloading of goods is a central factor for the success of logistics services providers. Edscha TS Curtain siders fulfill the highest requirements for speed and productivity with their loading flexibility and especially the very effective options of side loading with a forklift or loading from above.

  • Fast, safe loading and unloading using side curtains and an independent roof
  • A high level of flexibility in different loading situations