Spare parts Railway

As a leading European manufacturer of roof systems, our priority is to ensure your roof gives you long-term use.

Spare parts – One-stop service

Freight cars are designed for longevity and usually provide at least 36 years of service.

Easy maintenance and the availability of replacement parts in the case of wearing is therefore of paramount importance.

Edscha TS now offers a complete range with transparent pricing for most of the well-known Shimmns roofs, including for older models.

The products on offer include both standardised components as well as individually customised parts.

We will gladly send you our current price list on request.

End bow
1. End bow
Locking device
2. Locking device
3. Carriage
Spare parts
Locking device
4. Locking device
End carriage
5. End carriage
6. Rollers