E-Drive - The advanced drive

Every trucker knows and loves the Edscha TS drawbar. But now it is moving into the future. On the road to autonomous driving and the Internet of Things, Edscha TS is already making its own contribution with the E-Drive.


The Edscha TS E-Drive is controlled via a switch on the trailer or via our app for Android smartphones. A connection for an external switch and CAN bus is also integrated. Its low current consumption (< 20A at 24V) makes the Edscha TS E-Drive unique on the market and it is the first to allow connection to an existing on-board network without additional wiring to the towing vehicle. This leaves enough energy for an optional work light connection.

The drive is achieved via an adjustable capstan winch and is decoupled from the tarpaulin function. As a result, the system is safe at all times, works almost wear-free and, in the event the need arises, the manual emergency function is easy to use. The patent pending, modular concept developed with the TipperRoof can be adapted to fit different bodies. A control system for use with hydraulic tailgates is provided. Versions for other roof types are planned for the future.

drive unit
Splash-proof drive unit with active end-position locking
Cable control
Cable control without tension or overrun


  • No additional power supply required (24V <20A)
  • App control and CAN bus connection as standard
  • Additional functions such as flap control, camera and headlight connection can be integrated
  • Low-wear running and long-lasting
  • Integrated easy to use emergency operation
  • Easy rope adjustment and safe operation even with low rope tension
  • All necessary connectors included
  • Pre-assembled cable harnesses for different applications optional
Attachment completely integrated in the roof and can be retrofitted


Operated directly from the control unit with tilt indicator and overload protection
Operated via a switch in the cabin if connected, the required connection point is available
Operation with Android smartphone via our app and Bluetooth connection