CurtainSider Roofs

The CurtainSider is a refinement of the closed body. As with traditional platform gate and sideboard vehicles, fork lift truck loading from the side, which is a far more efficient form of loading, has now become possible. Bulky goods can now be loaded very quickly through the sideboard, which can be opened along almost its entire length. As the roof is independent, the cargo space remains protected against rain. From 1990 onwards the development of self-supporting sliding roofs meant that crane loading was also possible for this type of body.

Edscha TS CurtainSider Products – The new Generation

Edscha CS Profi NEW

CS-Profi - NEW

The new generation of the Edscha TS CS-Profi roof.

The consistent use of robust steel joints in combination with the latest fibre-reinforced plastics at the most important functional component interfaces achieves remarkable product improvements in relation to quality, operating comfort, weight and durability.

Edsch CS Hybrid - NEW

CS-Hybrid - NEW

With the introduction of its CurtainSider Hybrid sliding roof Edscha Trailer Systems is setting new standards through the use of a clever material combination of plastic and steel and intelligent joining technology for robust and durable tarpaulin roof systems.

Edscha CS ECO - NEW


The Edscha TS CS-ECO is a low-cost way to fit a side curtain structure with a light, solid tarpaulin roof in standard Edscha TS quality if loading accessibility from above is not necessary.


Compact - NEW

The Compact product line is a reaction by Edscha TS to market requirements for smaller vehicle structures (up to 8 m in length) with customised, reliable roof solutions. The new Compact product line is offered both as a classic sliding roof and in a fixed roof version and can be adapted individually to the requirements of the vehicle structure.