XL - Roof reinforcement according to VDI 2700/EN12642

Available for the following products

Edscha CS Profi


Thanks to its extremely robust folding kinematics, the steel joints, the strong roof bows and manufacturing quality down to the smallest detail, the Profi Curtain Sider roof is the ideal soluti on if rapid and reliable crane loading is frequently required.

Edsch CS Hybrid


With the introduction of its CurtainSider Hybrid sliding roof Edscha Trailer Systems is setting new standards through the use of a clever material combination of plastic and steel and intelligent joining technology for robust and durable tarpaulin roof systems.

Edscha CS ECO


The Edscha TS CS-ECO offers a cost-effective way to fit a curtain-sider body with a light, solid tarpaulin roof in standard Edscha TS quality when loading from above is not required.