Edscha TS OpenBox RailWay

The future-oriented roof solution for E-wagons.


Thanks to an ingeniously simple technical solution, for which a patent is pending, it has finally been possible to apply the convenience of the modern Edscha TS roof to E-wagon.

Until now you had to choose between an Ea(n/mn)os (E-wagon) without cover with loose tarpaulin, which if required had to be professionally secured by risky climbing, time-consuming lashing by hand and inspection each time, or use a Ta(m)ns car with a rigid tarpaulin or bulky hinged cover, which required a significantly reduced payload. Thanks to the new OpenBox RailWay tarpaulin, a patent pending innovation from Edscha TS, which weighs only approx. 300 kg (for 10 m length), every E-wagon can easily and safely be opened by side operation from the ground in no time. The fitted, floating rail mounting allows for easy parts replacement and for ductility of up to 60 mm. The tarpaulin roof has been designed according to the criteria for combined transport pursuant to EN 283/UIC 592 and has passed the static tests for tunnel interchange traffic. The TÜV confirmed that the classification remains as an E-wagon with retrofitted roof.

kompletter Nachrüstsatz mit Plane und Zentralverschluss
Complete retrofit kit with tarpaulin and central locking
Querspriegel doppelwandig, Schiene schwimmend gelagert
Crossbeam double-walled, floating rail system


  • manual side operation from the ground
  • easy to open in a few seconds, even with ductility of up to 60 mm
  • fully integrable and always tightly sealed
  • significant increase in efficiency in the drive by having a closed roof at all times, even during empty runs
  • robust and service-friendly thanks to the steel rail sytem with easily exchangeable segments
  • no permit restrictions and universally applicable
komplett auf E-Wagen verschraubt
fully rigged to E-wagon
bewährte Großserientechnik
proven series production technology
robust, wartungsfrei und leicht instandsetzbar
robust, maintenance-free and easy to repair


A1 - A3: Opening procedure, one-man operation from the ground

B; C: One-man operation, different positions



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