Sesam CS-Slimliner SMALL

The Edscha SESAM CS-SLIMLINER FIX is a low-cost way to fit a side curtain structure with a light, solid tarpaulin roof in standard SESAM quality. Due to the optimization for light trucks up to 8m, you get approx. 35kg more payload.

Special features

  • Light weight
  • For payload optimization of light trucks up to 8 m – approx. 35 kg more payload
  • For widths from 1600 mm to 2550 mm
  • Adjustable during assembly and screwable
  • New, smaller end carriage (minus 120 mm), which has been specially optimized for small cars up to 8m length
  • Larger loading opening possible for small vehicles than with normal end carriage
  • Extremely smooth running
  • Little effort required
Hochfeste einteilige Rollenwagen aus Stahl
Robuste und formstabile einteilige Rollwagen aus Stahl


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    Sesam CS-Slimliner

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    SESAM CS-Slimliner

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