Sesam CS-Slimliner

The Sesam CS-Slimliner sliding roofs are characterised by the use of plastic and steel for functional tarpaulin roof systems. Slimliner sliding roofs offer good kinematics and functionality. The CurtainSider Slimliner sliding roof was optimised for standard requirements and is fitted with durable plastic joints and coated steel roller carriages.

Special features

  • High-strength one-piece roller carriage in steel
  • Roller carriage geometry with 3° cranking for spacious profile clearance
  • Solid end carriage in steel
  • Moulded and calibrated roof bows with cross-section 30 x 30 mm
  • New modular roof strap concept
  • Robust folding plates with insert system
  • 19 bows and 650 mm distance between bows
  • Optionally also with 18 bows with 692 mm distance between bows
Hochfeste einteilige Rollenwagen aus Stahl
High-strength, one-piece steel roller carriages
Robuste und formstabile einteilige Rollwagen aus Stahl
Robust and stable one-piece roller carriage in steel

Equipment options

  • Standard end carriage
  • For roof straps 125 & 175 mm
  • With standard gantry beams 130 and volume gantry beams 190 mm
  • Optional Code XL-capable with 4-cable roof reinforcement
  • Optional DB design (suitable for combined transport and checked by Deutsche Bahn)
  • Optional TIR capable
Vorteilhafte Planenfaltung - XL-Spriegel kann überall (an jedem Rollenwagen) montiert werden
Perfect integration of the XL roof reinforcement
Nachstellbarer Kniehebel sorgt für Leichtgängigkeit und schont den Aluträger durch Anheben des Planenträgers.
Robust joints with insert system and drill holes for expander cable (XL cables do not protrude into cargo space)


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