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RailWay SB

RailWay SB

Sliding bow roofs for freight cars

Edscha TS sliding bow roofs for freight cars are known for their optimised, safe loading and unloading features and are the product of many years of development of customer-oriented roof systems for the commercial vehicle sector.

For example, from the system formerly known as the DEBACH VIT system. This system incorporates highly functional, patented freight car tarpaulins – a system that has delivered unparalleled efficiency and reliability in goods transport for more than 40 years.

At Edscha TS, the customer‘s wish is always paramount. This is reflected by the numerous upgrades produced over the years that have steadily strengthened and expanded our worldwide leading position in the market. Edscha TS now offers four versions of tarpaulin roof for freight cars.

RailWay OpenBox

RailWay OpenBox

Until now you had to choose between an Ea(n/mn)os (e-car) without cover with loose tarpaulin, which if required had to be professionally secured by risky climbing, time-consuming lashing by hand and inspection each time, or use a Ta(m)ns car with a rigid tarpaulin or bulky hinged cover, which required a significantly reduced payload.

Thanks to the new RailWay OpenBox tarpaulin, a patent pending innovation from Edscha, which weighs only approx. 300 kg (for 10 m length), every e-car can easily and safely be opened by side operation from the ground in no time. The fitted, floating rail mounting allows for easy parts replacement and for ductility of up to 60 mm.

The tarpaulin roof has been designed according to the criteria for combined transport pursuant to EN 283/UIC 592 and has passed the static tests for tunnel interchange traffic. The TÜV confirmed that the classification remains as an electric car with retrofitted roof.

Edscha TS Dichtungssysteme

Edscha TS sealing systems

The new Edscha TS sealing system for original and retrofitting on all standard roofed cars (Shimmns) solves several tasks simultaneously.

The seal ensures excellent sealing even in a heavily used construction environment, and features long-lasting edge protection during loading, flexible rubber, universally fitting and easy mounting. It is patented and has already proven its value on several projects.


Replacement parts for freight cars

Freight cars are designed for longevity and usually provide at least 36 years of service. Easy maintenance through the replacement of wearing parts and damaged components is therefore essential.

Edscha now offers a complete range with transparent pricing for all known Shimmns units that were ever built.

The products on offer include both standardised components as well as individually customised parts.