Constructions Components / Accessories Side Curtain

Flexibility is one of the outstanding Edscha TS product characteristics. Individual construction components for curtain sider and full tarpaulin roofs in the proven Edscha TS quality and suitable for all bodies of standard dimensions - both for trailers and semi-trailers or swap trailers.

Convincing Advantages

  • Construction components completely from one source in guaranteed Edscha TS quality.
  • All components are adapted to one another exactly and can fulfil all international standards and guidelines if required for intermodal transport or bodies suitable for customs purposes and load securing.
  • Fast and easy assembly due to the use of screw connections and installation aids, as well as illustrated instructions.
  • Completely coated with cataphoretic paint (or similar material)


  • Aufbaukomponenten und Zubehör Seitengardine PDF


  • Structural components and accessories for side curtain PDF

    Structural components and accessories for side curtain

  • Side tarpaulin rollers PDF

    Side tarpaulin rollers

  • Einzelersatzteilkatalog PDF