Sliding Bow Roof

The Edscha TS Sliding Bow System allows an individual from the ground to open up the entire loading surface within seconds. The patented product with sliding bow and tarpaulin-lifting transverse connections allows fast loading from the side and is available as an option with travelling container doors.

In many American design dominated markets sliding bow systems are very common.


  • Roll-Up-Door (Softdoor)
    • Roll-up springs in the tarpaulin at the rear allow an easy handling and an optimized roll up of the rear tarpaulin
    • new lock provides optional an improved sealing in addition to the optimized functionality
  • Front wall closure
    • The new front wall closure ensures - in addition to better leak tightness and stability – a straight and well tightened tarpaulin.
  • modular construction
  • rugged steel rail system with 2 m segments and redesigned rail
  • on request one-piece aluminium rail system with integrated seal adapter
  • patented
Easy handling and an optimized roll up of the rear tarpaulin
Sauber gefaltete Plane durch Ausstellfedern und patentierte Befestigung
Tidily folded tarpaulin through leaf springs and patented attachment

Functional overview

Opening Process
  • operation by one individual
  • within a few seconds
  • from the ground
  • can also be slid towards the rear
  • whole package movable

Technical Information

Profi System
  • Type 2971.2000
  • Lock on the chassis or alternatively on the pillars or walls.
  • Weight approx. 15 kg/m
  • Rigid due to steel rectangular tube
  • Can be operated on one side from below
  • Slidable on both sides
  • Adjustable external width and roof height during assembly
Package length
  • up to 8 m body ≤ 1.750 m package length
  • up to 13.6 m body ≤ 2.200 m package length
  • up to 16.2 m (53”) body ≤ 2.650 m package length
Tarpaulin package
Laufschiene aus Stahl in Segmenten verschraubt
Running rail made of steel, bolted in segments

Application examples

  • Coil: Especially suited for coil transport.
  • Construction: Advantageous use for transport tasks in the automotive sector.


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