Edscha TS Compact

The Compact product line is a reaction by Edscha TS to market requirements for smaller vehicle structures (up to 8 m in length) with customised, reliable roof solutions. This new development is based on a new, slim, extremely light but still torsion-resistant aluminium profile in combination with the proven roller carriages made of modern plastics, long-lasting steel rollers and function-optimised plastic joints. The technologies that are used are based on Edscha TS product innovations that have been established for many years.

The new Compact product line is offered both as a classic sliding roof and in a fixed roof version and can be adapted individually to the requirements of the vehicle structure.


  • No torsion effects are triggered in the vehicle structure thanks to the external rollers
  • Independent of negative external factors such as roof loads and the resulting profile torsion
  • Extremely light, torsion-resistant aluminium rail frames
  • Robust and weight-saving plastic roller carriages and joints with steel bows
  • New, robust joints with optimised folding kinematics and honeycomb structure
  • External, coated and low-friction rollers
  • Alternative fixed roof bow available with riveted aluminium bracket
Extrem leichte, verwindungssteife Alu-Laufschienen
Extremely light, torsion-resistant aluminium rail frames
Kleines Dachpaket – große Beladungsöffnung
Small roof package – large loading aperture
Compact - Schiebedach
Compact – Sliding Roof

Compact - Festdach
Compact – Fixed Roof

Special features

  • In two variations: As sliding roof and as fixed roof
  • The flexible, light and good value alternative to a box structure
  • High strength roller carriages with load-oriented material distribution in the component
  • Riveted roof bow with cross section 30 x 30 mm
  • Reduced number of bows because of 650 mm plastic joints
  • Defined joint installation results in reliable tarpaulin folding
  • Aluprofil 2,88 kg/m
  • Individually adjustable to structure width (depending on model)
7,2 m Aufbau mit Compact und TailWing-Heckabschlussklappe
7.2 m structure with Compact and TailWing rear closure flap
Sprinter-Aufbau mit Compact-Festdach, Bordwand und Seitengardine
Sprinter structure with Compact fixed roof, side board and side curtain
Sprinter-Aufbau mit Compact-Schiebeverdeck und Seitengardine
Sprinter structure with Compact sliding roof, and side curtain

Equipment options

  • Standard carriage
  • Variable bow width (depends on model)
  • Optional for rail roofs
  • Standard portal beam / end bow
  • Optional combination with Tailwing (2550 mm)
  • Various rear closure variations available


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