Full Tarpaulin Roof

This type of body was developed at the birth of motorised commercial vehicles. The tailgate and sideboards are intended to protect the load from falling, while the material cover protects it against the rain. In general this type of body provides a high level of flexibility. This was increased considerably by the Edscha TS invention of the sliding roof in 1969. With this body the loading process is much faster and safer today, as the cargo space can be opened up very quickly by pushing the entire tarpaulin towards the bulkhead.

Edscha TS Full Tarpaulin Products – The new Generation

Edscha TS VP Profi NEU

VP-Profi - NEW

The new generation of the Edscha TS VP-Profi roof.

Development of the proven roof solution for full tarpaulin roofs.

  • Steel joints and ascending roof bow
  • Steel roller carriage with 3 ball bearings
  • End running section with transverse ball bearings and end lift for positioning the end bow or the Edscha TS gantry beam
Edscha TS VP-Standard

VP-Standard - NEW

With the introduction of the VP-Standard Full Tarpaulin Roof, Edscha Trailer Systems is displaying its consistent backing of a strategy of combining low weight, durability, functionality, adaptability and convenient handling in intelligent roof systems.

Edscha TS VP ECO - NEW


The Edscha TS VP-ECO is the low-cost way to realise a full tarpaulin structure with a light, solid tarpaulin roof in standard Edscha TS quality if it is not necessary to move the full tarpaulin package and loading or unloading takes place through the rear portal or with the side tarpaulin sections folded up.