Semi-automatic swinging tail wing for vehicles with sliding roof and tailgate

The fast and frequent opening of the cargo area is a considerable time and cost factor for local distribution, small deliveries ‘free to kerbside’ and all other short distance distribution with many loading stations where the driver is responsible for loading and unloading.

The TailWing by Edscha Trailer Systems is a tail wing for sliding roofs that makes it easier, safer, faster and more comfortable to open the entire tailgate area. The TailWing is completely structurally integrated into the relevant Edscha Trailer Systems sliding roof system and thus offers optimum functionality, robustness and durability. The TailWing is available in heights of up to 1.20 m and offers all the advantages from more than 40 years of experience with mobile roof systems.


  • Intelligent construction

    In general the opened TailWing does not extend beyond the back of the vehicle and the concept of elastic swing back prevents damage to the flap or the loading ramp if contact is accidentally made during manoeuvring. The sunken positioning joints also offer unlimited loading volume.

  • Unlimited functionality of the sliding roof

    The TailWing is directly connected to the final trolley of the roof and is moved along with the entire room as an integral component. No more unstable double joints like those found on standard retrofit components.

  • Comfortable use

    The TailWing can be easily unlocked by the driver from the ground or the tailgate and then swings open automatically, driven by a powerful double spring system. The large opening angle of up to 140° (When flap is ≤ 700 mm the opening angle is 90°) is achieved with a single opening swing movement.

  • Solid functionality

    Robust and torsion-free materials, an advantageous system centre of gravity that prevents bearing wear and mechanical unity with the entire sliding roof guarantee lasting functionality and greatest possible durability.

  • Optimised lifting joint
  • Drastically reduced weight with comparable stability through honeycomb structure composite materials
  • Almost unlimited use of the cargo volume – no protruding components
Zuverlässige Dachplanenanbindung
Reliable roof tarpaulin connection
Perfekte Integration in das Schiebeverdecksystem
Perfect integration into the sliding roof system
Elastisches Zurückschwingen bei Wandberührung
Elastic swing back if a wall is touched

Functional overview

Opening Process

Hydraulisches Öffnen der Ladebordwand
Hydraulic opening of the tailgate
Manuelle Entriegelung und 

automatisches Aufschwingen des TailWing
Manual unlocking and automatic swinging of the TailWing
Öffnen des Schiebverdecks
Opening the sliding roof

Closing Process

Feststellen des geöffneten Verdecks
Fixing the opened roof
Schließen des Schiebeverdecks
Closing the sliding roof
Schließen des TailWing vom Boden oder der 

Closing the TailWing from the ground or the tailgate