Pneumatic drainage system for the prevention or simple removal of larger volumes of water on the roof tarpaulin and thus prevention of ice formation

Water, snow and ice are unpleasant and often dangerous loads that collect on the roof tarpaulin. This spontaneous load can weigh up to a metric tonne. If these roof loads are not removed properly before starting a journey they not only represent a high risk of accident but also economic losses from damaged roofs or loads or from carrying enormous quantities of rinsing water from the washing bay. The DrySystem by Edscha Trailer Systems provides an intelligent drainage system for sliding roofs that prevents the collection of large quantities of water and therefore fights ice formation. Down times and damage to a vehicle or its load and the resulting costs are minimised. The operating time and durability of the sliding roof are maximised.

Particularly advantageous: The DrySystem is completely structurally integrated into the structure of the relevant Edscha Trailer Systems sliding roof system and thus guarantees optimum functionality, robustness and lifespan.


  • Intelligent construction principle

    The Edscha TS DrySystem is characterised by a sophisticated technical principle that prevents high tensile loading on the side of the tarpaulins, can be operated with relatively low quantities of air and ensures safe drainage of collected water, also, where there are small leaks in the tarpaulin, enables volumes of water to run away, securing against the dripping of condensation into the load area. The structure is primarily based on the longitudinal clamping of the roof tarpaulin and the use of separate, diamond-shaped air chambers that produce an angle of approximately 3° on the roof. In contrast to conventional gable roof systems this system does not create any significant side tension, which often leads to damage to the outer tarpaulin riveting.

  • Unique system advantages

    The DrySystem is adapted exactly to the corresponding Edscha TS sliding roof and works, in contrast to retrofitted systems, in an optimally integrated manner with the roof. The Edscha TS DrySystem is also ready for use approximately three times faster than conventional products. The low air consumption is a further advantage and uses just one third of volumes used by traditional systems. It also functions without a towing vehicle (the pressure accumulator on the vehicle’s auxiliary equipment is generally sufficient for activation of the Edscha TS DrySystem). The slight incline of the roof means that condensation runs off to the side by adhesion and does not drop on the load as it does using standard gable systems.

  • Solid Functionality

    The longitudinal clamping avoids overloading the fastenings on the side roof tarpaulins so that conventional tarpaulin riveting and buckle straps can be used on the bows without a problem. The air chambers in the system are made of special, highly elastic plastic that is durable, impervious and installed decoupled. This not only guarantees the seal on the roof but also ensures permanent functionality. If an air chamber does get damaged this can be easily bridged – the entire system retains unlimited functionality. If damage occurs then individual air chambers are easy to exchange. The Edscha TS DrySystem can be used comfortably from the ground.

Komplette Integration in das Edscha Trailer Systems Schiebeverdeck
Complete integration into the Edscha Trailer Systems sliding roof
Vermeidung von Niederschlagsansammlung durch Planenspannung und Giebelbildung
Prevention of precipitation collection through tarpaulin clamping and the formation of a gable
Schnelle, einfache Installation
Fast, easy installation
Garantierte Funktion im harten Alltag
Guaranteed function in rough, everyday application


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