Curtain Sider Roofs

Bulky goods can be loaded very quickly from side, which can be opened along almost its entire length. As the roof is independent, the cargo space remains protected against rain. Onwards the development of self-supporting sliding roofs meant that crane loading is also possible for this type of body.


Full Tarpaulin Roofs

The tailgate and dropsides are intended to protect the load from falling, while the tarpaulin protects it against the rain. In general this type of body provides a high level of flexibility. With this body the loading process is much faster and safer, as the cargo space can be opened up very quickly by pushing the entire tarpaulin towards the bulkhead.


Sliding Bow Roofs

Tarpaulin-bearing structures consisting of tubular bows that had long been in use served as the basis for the development of a flexible sliding bow body which allows both fast loading from the side and simple loading by crane.In many American design dominated markets sliding bow systems are very common.

Schiebebügel Coil-Beladung

Solid Wall Roofs

The newly introduced TipperRoof is a roof for dump trucks that integrates itself ideally into existing work processes and optimises them, anticipating future laws and safety standards. The Edscha TS TipperRoof reduces loading and tipping times, boasts lower fuel consumption than competitor systems and still stays maintenance-friendly and low wear. The driver can carry out all the necessary work steps safely on his or her own from the ground while upholding all work safety requirements. This makes the TipperRoof the ideal roof for all dump trucks: clean · fast · economical · safe!


Railway Roofs

Sliding bow roofs from Edscha Trailer Systems for goods wagons are characterised by optimised and safe loading and unloading systems and are based on many years of experience in the development of tailor-made roof systems for commercial vehicles. Take, for example, the roof system originally known as the "DEBACH VIT system". This system includes highly functional and patented tarpaulin covers for goods wagons - a system that has been guaranteeing unsurpassed efficiency and reliability in freight transport for more than 40 years.

Railway Roof

Industrial Applications

Based on years of Edscha Trailer System experience and know-how, we designed the modular, easily operated OpenBox Industry roof system to adapt to a wide variety of applications in many different industries.

OpenBox Industry