A new year for mutual success


The year 2019 ended with trends and developments that will continue to play a major role next year. What is certain for our industry in 2020 is change. Change that we will continue to use together with our customers and partners for new, innovative solutions. That's why we say thank you to 2019 for ... >> Read more

  • Christmas is coming


    Christmas is just around the corner, the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. What few know is that the actual feast day is the 25.12. (1st Christmas Day), followed by the 26.12. (2nd Christmas Day, also called Stephan's Day). Christmas Eve, on the other hand, was in earlier times always the day of f... >> Read more

  • WLTP - A means for cleaner air


    Nowhere else in the world are CO2 emissions targets as stringent as in the EU. In 2015, the average standard emissions of all new passenger car registrations were not allowed to exceed 130 grams of CO2 per kilometre. This corresponds to a consumption of 4.9 litres of diesel or 5.6 litres of petrol p... >> Read more

  • Why dumping with a closed tarpaulin can cause problems


    Without a tipper driver, there will be little progress on a construction site. Tipper drivers are among those drivers who have to get their goods to their destination on time and bear a great deal of responsibility. After all, the safety of the driver, the vehicle and everyone else involved takes pr... >> Read more

  • Tips for tarpaulin repair


    Edscha TS roof systems are robust. Drivers who use Edscha TS products know that the roof systems rarely have problems, apart from a few small issues here and there. Of course, minor things can happen in the course of daily work – like tears in the tarpaulin, for example. Although the tarpaulins do n... >> Read more

  • Nice things on the road


    Truckers are individualists. This can often already be seen in the decoration of the vehicle itself. During the day beautiful figures or cool slogans are plastered over radiators or the driver’s door. Humorous caps cover the driver’s hair and t-shirts shout out who’s the boss at the wheel. Add to th... >> Read more

  • What a driver needs: Nice colleagues!!


    Daily working life is like a good marriage sometimes. Everyone is nice for the most part, they are friendly to one another, help and accept one another, are just nice people. The small difference, however, is that we can’t choose the people we have to work with. That can make things easier but can a... >> Read more

  • Fit drivers are safe drivers


    Modern commercial vehicles offer their drivers plenty of comfort and convenience for safe driving. Thus the working space of a truck driver is equipped with many intelligent ‘computer aids’, for example, informing the driver about fuel consumption or about even more efficient driving styles. Any dri... >> Read more

  • Safety First


    Any operator driving with a fully laden tipper truck without a roof is exposing themselves and the other road users to more than just substantial risk. Load loss or stone impact on following cars from lifted transported materials is not only hazardous but also irritating and expensive. Statistics sh... >> Read more

  • De-minimis – Incentive Programme


    Have you heard about De-minimis? You should have - De-minimis is a special government incentive programme that provides you with financial subsidies if you undertake measures in the areas of safety and the environment. It’s true that the Latin term ‘De minimis’ means something like ‘lesser things’ o... >> Read more

  • TIR Convention significantly reduces formalities


    Without doubt you'll already have seen this on many goods transport vehicles but perhaps you have no idea what it means - the blue sign with the letters 'TIR' in white. This does not mean that the truck is from the capital of Albania or even the mythical Irish country of Tír na nÓg. 'TIR' are the in... >> Read more

  • Make your tipper trips more cost-effective


    Just get into the cab and hit the road - no problem, apart, that is, from the cost. But it's easy enough to reduce your expenses in connection with your tipper vehicle runs; there are simply a couple of things you need to think about. First of all, you need to make sure you have the correct tyres, d... >> Read more

  • In the lead for 50 years


    Edscha TS has a very special birthday this year. Since 1969, the inventor of the sliding roof for trucks has been synonymous with quality and technology leadership. How does a company manage to stay at the cutting edge for 50 years and lead the way in the industry with its products? The answer is si... >> Read more

  • Solving personnel problems. Now.


    It’s true: finding good drivers is not easy these days. It takes time for qualified young people to develop the required skills and experience and, unlike in the past, you can’t simply make up for attrition with suitable lateral entry employees. Not to mention, the statutory requirements for truck d... >> Read more

  • Drivers will remain indispensable in the foreseeable future


    There is a lot of talk about ‘autonomous driving’ for trucks, but in practice, the technology is far from being ready. While there is a lot of potential, sometimes people get the wrong idea. For example, ‘autonomous driving’ will not take place without a driver; the truck might drive itself, but the... >> Read more