Nice things on the road


Truckers are individualists. This can often already be seen in the decoration of the vehicle itself. During the day beautiful figures or cool slogans are plastered over radiators or the driver’s door. Humorous caps cover the driver’s hair and t-shirts shout out who’s the boss at the wheel. Add to th... >> Read more

  • What a driver needs: Nice colleagues!!


    <span lang="EN-GB">Daily working life is like a good marriage sometimes. Everyone is nice for the most part, they are friendly to one another, help and accept one another, are just nice people. The small difference, however, is that we can’t choose the people we have to work with. That can make thin... >> Read more

  • Fit drivers are safe drivers


    <span lang="EN-GB">Modern commercial vehicles offer their drivers plenty of comfort and convenience for safe driving. Thus the working space of a truck driver is equipped with many intelligent ‘computer aids’, for example, informing the driver about fuel consumption or about even more efficient driv... >> Read more

  • Safety First


    Any operator driving with a fully laden tipper truck without a roof is exposing themselves and the other road users to more than just substantial risk. Load loss or stone impact on following cars from lifted transported materials is not only hazardous but also irritating and expensive. Statistics sh... >> Read more

  • De-minimis – Incentive Programme


    Have you heard about De-minimis? You should have - De-minimis is a special government incentive programme that provides you with financial subsidies if you undertake measures in the areas of safety and the environment. It’s true that the Latin term ‘De minimis’ means something like ‘lesser things’ o... >> Read more

  • The European market leader for commercial vehicles and railway roof systems, Edscha Trailer Systems from Moers will present its OpenBox Railway Sliding Roof for the open-top, solid wall goods wagon type Eamnos BA 158 from June 4 until June 7, 2019 at transport logistic in Munich in the open area FGL 703/7. With 50 years of experience and excellent efficiency in the sector of roof systems, the global player Edscha TS offers the right solution for your transport and logistics problems in the sector of sliding roof systems.

    Edscha Trailer Systems at transport logistic on June 4 to 7 in Munich


    Edscha Trailer Systems is the inventor of the sliding roof for trucks and, thanks to constant optimisation of tried and tested roof systems and ongoing quality assurance, known worldwide as the epitome of technological leadership in the sector of sliding roofs. Thus, Edscha offers TS roof systems of... >> Read more

  • TIR Convention significantly reduces formalities


    Without doubt you'll already have seen this on many goods transport vehicles but perhaps you have no idea what it means - the blue sign with the letters 'TIR' in white. This does not mean that the truck is from the capital of Albania or even the mythical Irish country of Tír na nÓg. 'TIR' are the in... >> Read more

  • Make your tipper trips more cost-effective


    Just get into the cab and hit the road - no problem, apart, that is, from the cost. But it's easy enough to reduce your expenses in connection with your tipper vehicle runs; there are simply a couple of things you need to think about. First of all, you need to make sure you have the correct tyres, d... >> Read more

  • Visit us at transport logistic 2019

    transport logistic 2019


    transport logistic is the hub of the global logistics industry. The trade fair, which is accompanied by a conference program, presents the optimal solutions for every requirement. transport logistic combines innovative products, technologies, and systems with pooled expertise and a strong sales focu... >> Read more

  • In the lead for 50 years


    Edscha TS has a very special birthday this year. Since 1969, the inventor of the sliding roof for trucks has been synonymous with quality and technology leadership. How does a company manage to stay at the cutting edge for 50 years and lead the way in the industry with its products? The answer is si... >> Read more

  • Solving personnel problems. Now.


    It’s true: finding good drivers is not easy these days. It takes time for qualified young people to develop the required skills and experience and, unlike in the past, you can’t simply make up for attrition with suitable lateral entry employees. Not to mention, the statutory requirements for truck d... >> Read more

  • Drivers will remain indispensable in the foreseeable future


    There is a lot of talk about ‘autonomous driving’ for trucks, but in practice, the technology is far from being ready. While there is a lot of potential, sometimes people get the wrong idea. For example, ‘autonomous driving’ will not take place without a driver; the truck might drive itself, but the... >> Read more

  • Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, is equipping itself for Logistics 4.0 and driverless technology.

    Fitted with E-Drive for the future


    In fully automated warehouses DTS (driverless transport systems) take over the loading and unloading of trucks. If the trucks are also driverless then the Edscha TS pull rod that every trucker is familiar with for pulling back the roof becomes useless. It will make way for the electric and fully aut... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Products and services for rail roof systems


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, has revised its portfolio for its rail customers and is now presenting three new products. The latest Edscha TS roof for open freight cars of the standard design E is called RailWay OpenBox and increases the opera... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Spare parts service

    All spare parts are available for hooded wagon roofs from all manufacturers.


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, also offers a full range for its rail customers. Freight cars are designed to be long-lasting. The useful life of most wagons is planned as at least 36 years. However, more than three decades of intensive use leav... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Sealing systems for wagons

    New sealing system for rail cars


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, has a new sealing system for hooded wagons (Shimmns) and flat wagons with tarpaulin covers (Rilns) for retrofitting and initial fitting. Travelling with unsealed roofs carries many risks that can cause unnecessary... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Solutions for rail transportation

    OpenBox RailWay – the unique roof for box wagons (E-wagons)


    The sliding bow system roofs for goods wagons by Edscha Trailer Systems are renowned around the world for optimum cover and efficiency with easy operation. This is not a coincidence, after all the developers of rail solutions profit from long-term experience in the manufacture of roof systems for co... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Roofs for fixed wall structures

    OpenBox – patented solutions for sliding floor vehicles and structures with fixed side walls


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, is tireless in its creative drive. After adapting its own Edscha TS sliding roof concept TipperRoof for modern dumper vehicles all trailers with fixed wall structures can now be fitted with a sliding roof. For thi... >> Read more

  • Edscha TS – Truck roof solutions


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, is adding two innovations to its range of products and now presents OpenBox sliding roofs for sliding floor vehicles and trailers with fixed wall structures and E-Drive, the fully automatic system for the electric... >> Read more

  • The Edscha TS tipper roof is distinguished by its functionality and ergonomics

    TipperRoof – Further development fulfills highest customer requirements


    At the previous IAA, Edscha Trailer Systems, the market and technology leader in sliding roofs for trucks, presented a prototype of its new sliding roof specially for dumper skips. The Edscha TS TipperRoof is a highly innovative, user-friendly and flexible sliding roof construction that has attracte... >> Read more


    Braking bad is no good for road freight efficiency


    Presentations by Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Edscha TS and DHL highlight some of the less obvious ways of improving freight efficiency. Harsh braking, or ‘HB’, is worsened when coupled with trailer overloading, in itself a dangerous issue. One way of preventing overloading – which not only subjects the ... >> Read more

  • The new Edscha TS CS-Hybrid set new standards

    No stress at full capacity


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, will be launching an innovation campaign in autumn 2014, boasting several remarkable products. Apart from the new TailWing tailgate generation, the premiere of the TipperRoof sliding roof for dumpers and the ... >> Read more

  • The new Edscha TS sliding roof for dumpers

    Experience tells us - only the best


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, has deployed its know-how towards the development of a roof for dumpers. The result is the new Edscha TS TipperRoof, an innovative, robust and user-friendly sliding roof with all the advantages of the well-kn... >> Read more

  • The new Edscha TS tailgate for utility vehicles with sliding roof and tail-lift

    Light, lighter, TailWing


    With its new TailWing tailgate for trucks with sliding roofs and tail-lift, Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, proves that even the best can still outclass itself. When the company from Moers launched its first TailWing onto the market in 2012... >> Read more

  • SESAM introduces new CS-Slimliner components and a system for TIR compliant sealing for customs transit

    Not duty-free but TIR compliant


    Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, launches newly developed CS-Slimliner components onto the market under its second brand, SESAM, now also with TIR compliant roof tarpaulin fastening. The new product range offers a smart kit system with cover... >> Read more

  • Special Promotion Winter 2013/2014


    Special Promotion Winter 2013/2014 DrySystem including roof tarpaulin. Edscha TS is ensuring improved safety on the roads with this unequalled promotion in time for the upcoming onset of winter. Water that shoots onto the road from truck roofs – up to 1000 litres can collect on a tarpaulin roof – ha... >> Read more

  • Edscha Trailer Systems


    Robust Hybrid Technology. The sliding roof specialist Edscha TS, which recently moved its headquarters to Moers, is putting new products on the market despite a difficult economic environment. Edscha TS&nbsp;is a brand name like Tempo. Tempo was the first branded tissue in Germany and it has long si... >> Read more

  • Edscha-Trailer Systems - the name for sliding roofs


    EDSCHA-Trailer Systems – the name for sliding roofs. EDSCHA TS – Europe’s market leader in the sector of sliding roofs – has once again been able to expand its market presence with excellent products. DrySystem, TailWing and CurtainSider-UL/HD have been placed successfully in the commercial vehicle ... >> Read more

  • DrySystem


    Ice-free through the winter. The Edscha TS engineers have developed a system that gets water off tarpaulin roofs quickly, safely, and efficiently. The pneumatic drainage system for roof tarpaulins is now ready for serial production and will be presented on the IAA 2012. According to §23 of the Germa... >> Read more

  • TailWing


    Semiautomatically swinging TailWing tail-end hatch. The TailWing tail hatch by Edscha TS is nominated for the Trailer Innovation Prize 2013 for its excellent characteristics and easy handling. Station wagon and SUV drivers have loved it forever: the advantages of a low trunk sill and a hatchback tha... >> Read more

  • Curtain Sider UL/HD


    HeavyDuty CurtainSider - UL/HD sliding roof. Sliding roof for high demands. The new Curtain Sider UL/HD tops have been especially developed for high demands. The “HD” means “Heavy Duty”, and not for nothing! The hybrid construction reinforced with steel significantly widens the field of application ... >> Read more

  • Plagiarius


    Edscha Trailer Systems warns of copies. The business of cheap copies is thriving. This unauthorised reproduction not only affects textiles and jewellery however – everything that is good and expensive is by now being counterfeited. Even well-known manufacturers like Edscha Trailer Systems are not sp... >> Read more

  • DrySystem


    Edscha Trailer System - DrySystem – Clear the water from tarpaulin roofs, rapidly and safely Drivers know the problem and fear it: it is winter and the truck in front is losing chunks of ice which have formed on the tarpaulin roof of its trailer overnight, and are now breaking free and flying off on... >> Read more

  • VP-Ultraline


    VP UltraLine from Edscha Trailer Systems – the perfect solution. The VP Ultraline full tarpaulin roof from Edscha Trailer Systems can be put to use flexibly and is thus open – in the truest sense of the word – for all loading and transportation options. The UltraLine kinematics guarantee a particula... >> Read more

  • Service in compact form


    Service in compact form Edscha Trailer Systems is a global brand. With new ideas and products relating to the roofs of trucks and trailers, the brand is attracting increasing levels of interest, drawing in more customers and prospective customers in the process. Its community of users is growing con... >> Read more