Edscha TS TipperRoof

The Edscha TS tipper roof is distinguished by its functionality and ergonomics

TipperRoof – Further development fulfills highest customer requirements

At the previous IAA, Edscha Trailer Systems, the market and technology leader in sliding roofs for trucks, presented a prototype of its new sliding roof specially for dumper skips. The Edscha TS TipperRoof is a highly innovative, user-friendly and flexible sliding roof construction that has attracted tremendous praise. As part of a pilot series to follow, it was possible to develop an optimised version of the TipperRoof, which will now be presented to the public for the first time at the important international trade fair Bauma 2016. 

The TipperRoof has been developed with the outstanding Edscha TS expertise and combines all advantages of the familiar and proven Edscha TS roof technology. It is modular in design, which means it can be mounted on almost any standard skip. The gate-shaped curve geometry of the lightweight, yet robust bar construction is optimised for large load volumes. The crucial advantages of the TipperRoof are its tremendous ease of use and ergonomics.
The user-friendliness is above all characterised by the fact that the sliding roof can open and close really easily at the side within 30 seconds thanks to its patented kinematics. Gone are the days of difficult and time-consuming handling and journeys with open roof. The tarpaulins can now be closed without the need for time and effort, which is even more interesting when observing the fact that journeys with a closed roof offer 10% diesel savings. The TipperRoof can even usually remain closed during tipping. The perfect cover – Edscha TS TipperRoof: The load is secured and the work of the driver is coordinated and made easy in line with ergonomic standards.

Beside its very high functionality, the TipperRoof is also distinguished by its extraordinary sturdiness. Edscha TS uses robust, segmented and free-running steel flat rails, which are durable and easy to install or replace.

As before, a further remarkable advantage of the product is the effective thermal insulation of the load, which is achieved thanks to the air cushion under the closed sliding roof. This thermal insulation will be important in the future above all for vehicles with thermo skips, since heat losses when transporting asphalt, for instance, are minimised in this way. Only skips with fully insulated tarpaulins or covers will be legal as of 01.01.2016, with compulsory recording of asphalt mixture temperatures during offloading.

Overall, the Edscha TS TipperRoof for dumpers is the most consistent and optimal sliding roof solution, as proven through thorough studies of the market combined with the competency of the technology leader for truck sliding roofs. Thanks to close collaboration with customers and diverse pilot tests, the TipperRoof innovation now fulfils all customer requirements.   

For more information and a personal impression, feel free to visit us at the Bauma 2016.

TipperRoof - pulling
TipperRoof - tipping
TipperRoof - automatic opening