Edscha Trailer Systems at transport logistic on June 4 to 7 in Munich

The European market leader for commercial vehicles and railway roof systems, Edscha Trailer Systems from Moers will present its OpenBox Railway Sliding Roof for the open-top, solid wall goods wagon type Eamnos BA 158 from June 4 until June 7, 2019 at transport logistic in Munich in the open area FGL 703/7. With 50 years of experience and excellent efficiency in the sector of roof systems, the global player Edscha TS offers the right solution for your transport and logistics problems in the sector of sliding roof systems.

Edscha Trailer Systems at transport logistic on June 4 to 7 in Munich

Edscha Trailer Systems is the inventor of the sliding roof for trucks and, thanks to constant optimisation of tried and tested roof systems and ongoing quality assurance, known worldwide as the epitome of technological leadership in the sector of sliding roofs. Thus, Edscha offers TS roof systems of the highest quality and durability with safe, simple and efficient operation. Edscha TS roofs also offer fast loading times, high-energy efficiency and full volume use with a reduced weight.

The latest innovation from Edscha TS is the OpenBox Railway Roof, which applies the comfort of the modern Edscha TS roof systems to box wagons. The OpenBox roof is the pioneering roof solution for all fixed wall structures. The open-top box structures enable maximum loading volume because of their high, fixed walls, which are not impeded by the Edscha TS OpenBox Railway Roof. The proven steel rail system can bridge side deformations without a problem and guarantees the best seal. The closed sliding roof also increases energy efficiency on empty runs, whilst protecting the transported goods from loss through turbulence or loss of quality from rain.

A tarpaulin form that allows snow and rain to run off is created thanks to the patented system, made of rails on floating mounts and double-wall cross-bows. The OpenBox Railway Roof can be retrofitted easily and opened, closed or slid at any time and on both sides quickly, safely and conveniently from the ground. The running rail mounts are maintenance-free and service-friendly because of their L-shape because water can run off easily, thus preventing corrosion.

Contact person Edscha Trailer Systems:
Mr. Roger Remmel
E-mail: Marketing@EdschaTS.com
transport logistic (June 4 to 7, 2019), Munich:
Open-Air Ground FGL 703/7, FGL Gleis 2/3

OpenBox Railway Sliding Roof