Edscha TS TipperRoof

The new Edscha TS sliding roof for dumpers

Experience tells us - only the best

Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, has deployed its know-how towards the development of a roof for dumpers. The result is the new Edscha TS TipperRoof, an innovative, robust and user-friendly sliding roof with all the advantages of the well-known, tested and proven Edscha TS roof technology.

The Edscha TS TipperRoof concept is highly flexible, i.e. the sliding roof structure is modular enough to be installed on virtually any conventional skip. The free-moving yet robust bow design is optimised for large loading volumes by dint of its goal-like bow design. But the probably most decisive advantage of the TipperRoof is its outstanding user-friendliness. Difficult or time consuming handling of cover tarpaulins often prevents the driver from deploying these. This leads to increased fuel consumption, loss of material and consequently payload, damage to other vehicles and to fines by regulatory authorities.

Thanks to its patented kinematics, the Edscha TS roof for dumpers, on the other hand, is easy and quick to open and close from the side and at ground level. The entire process may be completed in 30 seconds for an 8 metre long skip. The opened roof folds to a length of about 650 mm. No risk of dangerous climbing, great physical exertion or lengthy standing times. Often the roof may even stay closed during tipping, only needing to be opened for loading. Considering that up to 10% of diesel fuel may be saved when travelling with the roof closed, the benefits are even more attractive. This is the result of wind tunnel measurements by the IFI Institute, Aachen, for a constant speed of 85 km/h, as opposed to an open skip. Apart from its excellent functionality, the TipperRoof concept also impresses through its exceptional robust construction. Edscha TS uses, for instance, robust, segmented and free-running steel or aluminium flat rails which are durable and easy to install or replace. The abovementioned patented kinematics will reduce wear and tear of the roller carriages to a minimum. Extremely reliable sealing against water ingress is ensured through a large tarpaulin covering the entire skip and solid, reliable fastening of the tarpaulin.

A further remarkable advantage of the product is the effective thermal insulation of the load, thanks to the air cushion under the closed sliding roof. This is important, especially in the future, for vehicles with thermo skips, since heat losses when transporting asphalt, for instance, are minimised in this way. It is of course also common knowledge that only skips with fully insulated tarpaulins or covers will be legal as of 01.01.2016, with compulsory recording of asphalt mixture temperatures during offloading. All told, the Edscha TS TipperRoof for dumpers is the most consistent and optimal sliding roof solution, as proven through thorough studies of the market combined with the competency of the technology leader for truck sliding roofs.

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