Three days full program for trade visitors

Edscha TS at the virtual trade fair "MFB"

Edscha TS, market leader and technology pioneer in the field of modern truck soft top systems, is showing the many advantages offered by the company's solutions at the first virtual trade fair "MFB". For the first time, the "MFB" (Virtual Trade Fair for Commercial and Special Vehicles) is coming directly to the logistics office via computer. With exciting videos, chats with Edscha TS - soft-top specialists, a test campaign on the subject of "flexible vehicle fleet", an entertaining online game with attractive prizes and much more, Edscha TS proves that it also focuses on "the future" for product presentations. "Trade visitors" to the "MFB" can take advantage of this virtual offer in the period from September 29 to October 1, 2020 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in each case) at their desk in the office or at home. Together with other companies in the logistics sector Edscha TS is looking forward to as many interactive trade fair visitors as possible.

Making targeted communication possible

In Corona times, virtual trade fairs are definitely in vogue. Compared to conventional trade fairs, direct contact (face to face) is not possible. However, modern media such as videos, conference calls, chats, downloadable information material and much more are means of direct communication at a virtual trade fair. For visitors to "normal" trade fairs, this virtual approach is perhaps somewhat unfamiliar. But as the saying goes "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". The deliberate limitation to three days guarantees a live character. The highlight is the "Trailer Innovation" award ceremony on October 1, which is presented by the trade publication "KFZ-Anzeiger".

Fast, safe and economical

Edscha TS convertible tops can be found in all logistics areas. In modern trucks for the transport of goods of all kinds, from soft tops for dump trucks to railroad freight cars. Regardless of where the application takes place, Edscha TS offers soft tops that make the work process faster, safer and more economical. Behind them lies the latest technology - from practice - for practice. Technology, by the way, which proves to be extremely robust and durable. So the bottom line is investments that pay off for the company.

Three days full program for trade visitors

Perfect solutions - whether manual or electric

The focus of the Edscha TS presentation at the virtual trade fair MFB is the future of modern convertible top solutions. One example is TipperRoof, an innovative dump truck soft top system based on the further development of the well-known Edscha TS sliding soft top concept. The advantages: Shorter loading and tipping times, reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance. The special feature: the soft top can only be opened and closed comfortably from the ground when the vehicle is loaded. All empty runs or runs with freight are carried out with the tarpaulin closed without exception. Also the tipping of the body at the unloading point is always carried out without re-opening the top.

The two versions

Edscha TS offers the sliding roof in two versions: As a manually operated crank solution and with electric E-Drive. Both systems are equally uncomplicated and convenient to handle. Those who opt for the crank handle have to deal with a very smooth-running operating option that requires hardly any effort. The modern engine technology of the E-Drive system, which can be retrofitted as an alternative to the crank handle, makes it even more convenient. The actual drive is provided by an adjustable capstan winch and is decoupled from the canopy function. The system is ready for use at any time, virtually wear-free and allows a simple manual emergency function in case of failure. The modular concept developed and patented with the TipperRoof soft top allows adaptation to various bodies. A control for use with hydraulic flap is integrated.

Wide range of operating options

The Edscha TS E-Drive offers a variety of connection and operating options. It can be controlled via a box on the vehicle, a switch in the driver's cab, an external radio switch as well as its own Android app via Bluetooth. A connection for external operation and a CAN bus are also integrated. A further advantage is the very low power consumption of less than 20 amperes at 24 volts. This means that the E-Drive can be operated via the normal on-board power supply without additional fuse protection. Further additional functions such as flap control and camera connection can be integrated.

Attractive test campaign and tricky online game

By the way, anyone who would like to get to know TipperRoof not only in front of the screen but also directly in practice should take part in the Edscha TS "Test TipperRoof" campaign. For a selected period of time Edscha TS will provide participants with a trough equipped with the TipperRoof soft top system - including the available crank solution or the electric E-Drive. The Edscha TS trade fair presentation is rounded off by a tricky online game in which there are very attractive prizes to be won by the best of the day.

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