Fitted with E-Drive for the future

Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding truck roofs, is equipping itself for Logistics 4.0 and driverless technology.

Fitted with E-Drive for the future

In fully automated warehouses DTS (driverless transport systems) take over the loading and unloading of trucks. If the trucks are also driverless then the Edscha TS pull rod that every trucker is familiar with for pulling back the roof becomes useless. It will make way for the electric and fully automatic E-Drive system. The electric drive is operated using an adjustable capstan winch and is decoupled from the roof function. The system is operable at any time, almost wear-free and allows a simple, manual emergency function if it fails. This modular concept, which was developed with the TipperRoof for dumper trucks and has been registered for patent approval, allows adaptation to various structures. Controls for use with a hydraulic flap are integrated.

Edscha TS E-Drive can be controlled as standard using a switch on the trailer and a switch in the cab with a tilt indicator and overload protection and with its own Android app via Bluetooth. A connection for external operation and a CAN-bus are also integrated. This is particularly beneficial for fully automated cargo handling with digital controls.

Another plus point is the low power consumption of under 20 amps at 24 volt, which is unique compared to its competition. Thus there is no problem connecting the Edscha TS E-Drive to the existing electrical system on the vehicle – without additional protection. There is even still enough power left for an optimum working light. Further additional functions can be integrated such as flap controls and a camera connection. Additional variations for other Edscha TS roofs are planned for the future.

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