Edscha tarpaulin systems have been around for over 50 years

What a tarpaulin changes

What does progress bring us in general? Answer: It all depends on how you look at it. The cell phone, as an example, has led to great changes in both the private and economic spheres. Comfort and convenience, easier work, independence, more time and cost savings are some important features here. The great thing about inventions that changed the world thanks to their ingenuity is the idea that they had always been there. Think, for example, of things like the zipper, the dowel or the paper clip. But let's take a look at an industry where a new tarpaulin covering system is causing a lot of amazement and excitement, as well as many other changes.

A small revolution

For people in the logistics and transport industry, the concept of the Edscha tarpaulin has actually always existed: a tried and tested solution. What came before was time-consuming and dangerous work. While in 1969 the Americans were demonstrating high technology to the world with their moon landing, down on earth workers were toiling away loading and unloading goods. Constructions of longitudinal and transverse beams on the truck platform provided corresponding degrees of difficulty, depending on the structure. The issue of safety played only a minor role. And so there were a large number of accidents and even fatalities. What was needed at that time was a tarpaulin solution with a very high level of safety. The first Edscha tarpaulin roofing system will be launched on the market this year.

Market niche discovered

With the invention of the new tarpaulin system, Edscha found a gap in the market. The astonished logistics experts were presented with a form of platform body with a full tarpaulin cover for trucks. The tarpaulin could be pulled completely to the driver's cab by means of the sliding brackets. The highlight was that the complete roof could also be slid out. This meant that trucks could now also be loaded from above, e.g. by a crane. All this made for fast loading and unloading, more time savings and lower costs. Above all, however, the new Edscha system also ensured greater safety. The result: fewer accidents and less loss of qualified employees in the company.

Edscha tarpaulin systems have been around for over 50 years

Manual labor

The first Edscha tarpaulins were still made by hand at the Remscheid site. Today, the production and assembly plant as well as a central logistics center are located in Kamenice near Prague in the Czech Republic. With the takeover by a Swedish group, the brand name also changed to today's Edscha TS (TS=Trailer Systems).

New ideas

With the invention of the new tarpaulin system, however, Edscha TS initiated more than just tremendous changes in the logistics sector at that time. Entire work processes changed. Many systems underwent rigorous testing, were modified or disappeared. New laws or guidelines were created. The great success was reflected in the fact that the term Edscha tarpaulin was adopted into industry-specific linguistic usage and became synonymous with truck tarpaulin covering systems.

Successful in many fields

Today, Edscha TS is the market leader and innovation driver in the field of future-oriented tarpaulin covering systems. For many industries, new solutions, new body types have been developed, which are also at the forefront. Whether curtainsiders, full tarpaulins or sliding bar tarpaulins: Edscha solutions can be used flexibly and are designed for demanding applications. Canopy systems such as TipperRoof, as a tipper canopy solution, or OpenBox, for road / offroad, rail and industry, are designed for the highest loads. This is backed up by state-of-the-art technology plus a quality standard that delivers what is expected of it. This also applies to the field of rail covering systems. The operators of rail-bound vehicles have particularly high requirements for their various transport areas.

Edscha remains Edscha

What if the invention of the Edscha deck had never existed? What would truck deck bodies look like then? And how difficult or easy would the work, the handling of tarpaulin be? We can only speculate about all these questions. What is certain from today's perspective is that a new tarpaulin system could certainly change many things. Edscha TS is already developing new ideas for tomorrow's tarpaulin system. And perhaps there will be a solution that will change the world of logistics, just as it did back then. For today, the following applies: Never change a winning team. Edscha remains Edscha!


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