Health in the driving seat

Fit drivers are safe drivers

Modern commercial vehicles offer their drivers plenty of comfort and convenience for safe driving. Thus the working space of a truck driver is equipped with many intelligent ‘computer aids’, for example, informing the driver about fuel consumption or about even more efficient driving styles. Any driving error, however small, is signalled with a red lamp and a beeping sound. However, what the mass truck market is still missing is a programme that helps get the driver fit. Only a driver who is fit and healthy can steer his or her vehicle safely through traffic and get the load to its destination without any detours. But how can the driver increase his or her physical performance and personal fitness?

Stay calm in every situation

Getting and staying fit is certainly related to your own wellbeing. If you do something for your health then you are, in principle, doing something for your own personal benefit. But you are also doing something for those around you. From your families through to your work colleagues. If you stay healthy and feel fitter then you can enjoy your leisure time more and really recover. Physical fitness also increases concentration and resilience in your working day. You feel more secure and relaxed, avoid errors at work and stay ‘calm’, even in the event of serious problems.

Off to the gym or club

Younger people are counting on the growing numbers of gyms or fitness studios to get them fit. The weight-lifting studios of the past have turned into modern ‘health centres’. Many companies even offer their employees membership at a gym free of charge. This is not as selfless as it appears because the employer also benefits in the end from having fit employees at the company.

It is primarily the drivers who drive their vehicles through the traffic locally or regionally and generally go home in the evenings who find it convenient to work out at a gym. But let’s not forget the many offers available for sports clubs. Even walking the dog in the evening is useful for fitness. In general we can say: just move to enjoy the benefits.

Fit drivers are the best

A wide range of fitness options

Truckers on longer routes don’t need to go without fitness routines either. Fitness chains across the country are often open around the clock. The ‘Truckers Life Foundation’ is a foundation that constructs or operates outdoor fitness facilities at large truck stops, petrol stations, car parks or truck services across Europe. This aims to help truck drivers to get active during their breaks. For more information see

The Internet as a source of fitness

The internet is a good source for fitness all round. This includes products offered by the health insurance schemes, which are generally even free of charge. Large companies within the transport and logistics sector are also active with special events, information and videos for truck drivers. For example, you can find targeted exercises to do in the driver’s cab during breaks and thus turn your driver’s cabin into a kind of gym. Clever drivers have their sporting equipment, such as barbells, weights or straps, in their ‘truck home’ at all times. Special exercises also integrate the vehicle itself as ‘sporting equipment’.

Fit drivers are the best

Whatever you can do to stay fit, do it! Whenever you have time you can get active. However modern and comfortable your vehicle is: a bit of movement won’t hurt you or your future. Stay fit!

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