Safe on the road even in winter weather

Challenges in snow and ice

In years past, snow and ice were reliable partners for nearly every truck driver. In the winter months, rain and subzero temperatures brought slick, slippery roads. The snow did the rest and brought many trucks to a standstill. In short, winter weather was super fun for some, especially the kids, while it was a big challenge on the other side. Nowadays, many people know snow and ice only from hearsay. However, this does not mean that snow and ice are now fictions that will never come back. So be careful, winter can come back at any time. And then it brings with it a whole host of problems for which you should be prepared. For your own safety. And for the safety of others.

"Mountain with snowflake"

The first look at the beginning of winter should be the tires. It is important for freight forwarders, bus operators or fleet operators: since July 2020, all trucks and buses need winter tires not only on the drive axles, but also on the steering axles. Only tires that bear the symbol of a mountain with a snowflake (Alpine symbol) will then be considered winter tires according to this regulation. Whether the tires are new or used is irrelevant. By the way, M+S tires that were produced before January 01, 2018 are still considered suitable winter equipment until September 30.

Different rules in Europe

Those traveling in Europe should be particularly prepared, as the rules for the winter depending on the country, quite different. For example, while Belgium does not have a general requirement for winter tires, neighbor France comes with a regulation requiring winter equipment on roads with the B26 sign. In Italy, there is also no general winter tire requirement, but there is a requirement to carry snow chains. Great Britain allows studded tires on snowy and icy roads; however, if roads are damaged as a result, recourse is required. In Croatia, commercially used vehicles must carry a snow shovel.

Challenges in snow and ice

Checking the tarpaulin

Before going on tour, the driver, as the person responsible for the vehicle, must check his truck for any safety deficits. This check must be carried out with particular care in snowy and icy conditions. The check also includes an inspection of the condition of the tarpaulin. Although the solid construction of an Edscha TS canopy means that it can withstand higher snow loads without denting, the danger with tarpaulin canopies lies elsewhere. Depending on the weather conditions, puddles can form on the tarpaulins, e.g. due to rainwater, which turn into more or less large slabs of ice at lower temperatures. These so-called "water bags" on the tarpaulins mean a high risk of accidents, as well as additional costs due to possibly damaged tarpaulins or loads. Above all, it is important to free the truck from its snow load and never climb directly onto the canopy. There are ladders or rolling scaffolds that can be driven and secured together with a colleague, for example, to get the troublesome load off the top. Information and tips on this are also provided by the employers' liability insurance associations, among others. In addition, there are now publicly accessible clearing racks in many places.

A dryer for the tarpaulin

To get water off the tarpaulin, Edscha TS has developed a very practical system. The Edscha TS - DrySystem is a pneumatic drainage system to prevent and remove major water accumulation on the roof cover of a truck. In short, the system keeps the tarpaulin largely dry, thus also preventing ice formation at lower temperatures. At the same time, the tarpaulin is protected from damage and the cargo transported underneath is kept dry and safely transported to its destination. For the driver, the Edscha TS DrySystem is, last but not least, a convenient, fast and safe solution that makes his work much easier. With the DrySystem, Edscha TS offers an intelligent drainage system that has been specially developed for sliding roofs. The individual components are precisely matched to the respective tarpaulin top and - unlike conventionally retrofitted systems - optimally integrated.

Safe driving

The high-quality materials ensure great functionality, robustness and durability of Edscha TS tarpaulins, so that bad weather is no obstacle. You may remember that old Deutsche Bahn advertising slogan "Everyone's talking about the weather. Not us!" Edscha TS has been following this credo for over 50 years.

Edscha TS tarpaulins are designed to withstand any weather, the high quality of processed materials ensures this. In general, great emphasis is placed on functionality, robustness and durability, so bad weather forecasts can not matter. Maybe you still know this old advertising slogan of the Deutsche Bahn "Everyone talks about the weather. Not us!" Edscha TS has been following this credo for over 50 years


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