Working successfully with flat hierarchies

A good working atmosphere protects and benefits

Every logistics company is different. But whether small or large - the really successful companies are characterized by one thing: In addition to excellent products or services, they have a good working atmosphere. But what is a good working atmosphere? In any case, it is something that inspires employees to enjoy going to work. For example, mutual appreciation, recognition, respect and trust. Everyone knows each other, everyone is there for each other in some way. And everything works perfectly. In short, the social climate in the company is tangibly present for everyone and is recognized collectively.

People know each other

Since you usually spend more time at work than at home, it can be quite easy for colleagues at work to know almost as much as your own family. And the feeling is mutual. Because you also observe other colleagues in this way yourself.

Success factor number one

A good working atmosphere has an extraordinary influence on the success of a company. Because where people feel comfortable, the fewest mistakes are usually made. People can concentrate better and are not distracted by other stress factors, such as colleagues who constantly interrupt with questions or the dispatcher with his "thousand" forms.

Acting together

Of course, even with the best working atmosphere, mistakes are made. And for sure, there are also colleagues there who are not so dear to one's heart. But in companies with a good working atmosphere, people generally deal openly with conflicts and mistakes. This applies to the boss as well as to all employees. It goes without saying that this also helps employees to "identify" with the company and makes them proud.

Collegues having fun

Helps health, too

A good working atmosphere also helps health. Where you can work in a relaxed atmosphere, with colleagues who stand by your side, where rules and values are observed, and where there is a great sense of togetherness, there is much less anger. Blood pressure levels "stay" at a low level and the heartbeat remains "calm". Less stress means healthier work.

Celebrate really great

Where a good working atmosphere ensures success, the next company party is not far away. Because that strengthens the feeling of togetherness. Of course, it's also possible on a smaller scale. For example, a barbecue evening or a soccer match. Whenever colleagues meet and organize something together, they get to know each other better and their understanding of each other grows.

Improving and developing

Outside the company

When colleagues become friends, this can also be attributed to a good working atmosphere. Many fall in love, get engaged or marry a partner from the same company. Having a beer together in the evening or going bowling with colleagues on the weekend also helps to show team spirit and cohesion outside the company.

Show appreciation

Last but not least, you should always remember that not only yourself, but also your colleagues expect you to be a "nice" person at work. For example, by being attentive, helpful and understanding towards other colleagues. This may take a while, but it is worth it.


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