Edscha TS CS-Hybrid

The new Edscha TS CS-Hybrid set new standards

No stress at full capacity

Edscha Trailer Systems, Europe’s market and technology leader for sliding roofs for trucks, will be launching an innovation campaign in autumn 2014, boasting several remarkable products. Apart from the new TailWing tailgate generation, the premiere of the TipperRoof sliding roof for dumpers and the introduction of a new TIR set and system optimisation of the Slimliner range for the SESAM second brand, the new Edscha TS CS-Hybrid roof is also in the spotlight. “Hybrid” refers to the intelligent utilisation, i.e. combination of steel and plastic. To put it simply: Edscha TS deploys steel or steel/plastic combinations wherever the loading is high, whilst modern plastics are the material of choice for primarily easy running, flexible and light-weight applications. This promises high load capacity and functionality at low weight and long service life.

Technical sophistication, ease of handling and high stability are paramount, especially when it comes to heavy duty sliding roofs. The Edscha TS CS-Hybrid roof was developed especially with these high stresses in mind. The steel reinforced hybrid construction multiplies the application options, including transportation of paper and also, depending on the area of use and equipment version, universal and volume transportation and transportation in the beverage and automotive sectors. Despite their high load capacity, Curtain Sider Hybrid roofs have a weight-optimised modular construction and plug and clip connectors render them quick and flexible to install or repair. Edscha Trailer Systems is setting new standards with the introduction of the CS-Hybrid sliding roof, based on innovative combinations of plastic and steel and guaranteed robustness and durability through their intelligent joining systems. CS-Hybrid systems also offer optimised functionality and compact construction, thus offering more loading volume yet easier handling – all of this without compromising on ease of assembly or durability.

The load-optimised distribution of Edscha TS hybrid technology materials distinguishes itself through new, high-strength steel roller carriages, whilst the less stressed guiding elements are made of plastic. The rollers and guide rollers are fitted on the inside for protection from corrosion. The ingenious arrangement of the rollers renders the construction functional and durable and also resistant against forces acting on the roof. The optimised structure, new joints and a bow distance of 650 mm furthermore guarantee smooth running at all times, even should high side tarpaulin tension twist the roof straps. CS-Hybrid roofs boast more special features such as new embossed roof braces, new side tarpaulin rollers and new TIR-compliant tarpaulin fastening. Together with the optional Edscha TS TailWing tailgate and the Edscha TS DrySystem preventing rain from pooling on the tarpaulin top, the Edscha TS CS-Hybrid is the all-round perfect top solution, guaranteeing functionality, robustness and economic effectiveness of your demanding road haulage.

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CS Hybrid
CS Hybrid
CS Hybrid